Carpets in Cheltenham

BMK Carpets

picture of BMK bouncing lamb logo BMK was a famous brand up until it closed 15 years ago. Now the brand has been re-introduced following its acquisition in 2007

BMK were not completely unjustified with their tag line "Britain's best known carpet" - everybody knows that bouncing lamb icon (at least everybody over 35 probably). Only the Kosset Persian cats would hold the right to challenge the claim (it must be a furry animal thing).

All the BMK carpets below carry a luxury domestic rating covering hall, stairs and landings, lounge, dining room, study/office and bedrooms. All are available in 4 and 5 metre widths. Although still British made, these carpets are no longer made by the BMK company, the name was bought for its marketing value. Still good carpets.

Royal Highland - luxury in four different weights

This carpet is 80% wool and 20% polypropylene and is a single ply twist construction.

picture of Royal Highland wool carpet by BMK

There are four different weights allowing you to choose the lighter ones for bedrooms and the heavier ones for the lounge whilst maintaining the same colour throughout. The shades are all natural sheep colours.

Bear in mind this is a wool carpet and that 40oz is guarnteed to wear anywhere in the home.

Kurl Twist - textured shades to help hide soiling

This twist is 80% wool, 15% polyester and 5% nylon. Again, the colours are all natural sheep fleece shades but this time with a fleck in them. Flecks are great if you like some extra camouflaging for everyday soiling (and if you hate hoovering!)

picture of BMK Kurl wool twist carpet

Vogue - 100% wool looped designer stripes

Vogue has the natural texture of loops which the over 30's will have known as berber previously. This carpet is 100% pure new wool and is striped like the designer carpets made by Crucial, but without the designer price label.

picture of BMK Vogue wool striped carpet

(Picture scanned and not completely represenative of the actual carpet which must be seen to be appreciated - a great fashion statement at a good price).

Muirdale - clean classic looks, comfortable feel

Muirdale is a 80% wool and 20% polypropylene carpet. This classic twist comes in four weights and in earthy natural tones. It also features a black colourway which some people are going to find handy.

picture of Lochinver luxury wool shag pile carpet