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Rug control

Are you going crazy because your rugs just won't stop moving? Do they crawl into inconvenient places, stop doors from closing and become dangerous tripping hazards. Do you worry about having children, infirm relatives and rugs in the same house?

picture of pre-packed rug control mats by CybergoldNow you can totally stop the problem with Cybergold rug control mats or rug control spray. The mats (pictured left) come in pre-sealed packs and measure 2 x 1 metres.

Simply trim them to size with household scissors (if needed) and place the rugs, mats etc on top of them - job done!

Cybergold rug control spray is very flexible for all sorts of situations. Full instructions below. Spray £7.99 - Packs 1x2m £11.99 - both available for purchase in our shop.

Cybergold anti-creeping spray for contolling moving rugs

Cybergold anti-creeping spray totally stops rugs, mats, doormats, runners and bathroom sets from slipping and creeping, yet they can be easily lifted and repositioned without any further treatment. Bathroom sets can be machine washed and when dry can be repositioned without further treatment.

Cybergold is effective on all types of rugs, mats & bathroom sets to any type of flooring including carpet, vinyl, ceramic, marble, wood and laminate flooring.

Simple directions for use

  1. All surfaces must be thoroughly vacummed and free of dust and grease where rug, mat etc is to be sited.
  2. Shake bottle well.
  3. Spray outdoors and place newspaper around the edge to avoid any over-spray onto adjacent areas.
  4. Hold bottle approx 16cm away from the surface to be treated and apply an even coat to the rug, mat etc.
  5. Allow this coat to become touch dry, approx 2 hours.
  6. Apply a further coat and allow to dry overnight with the treated surface facing upwards.
  7. Place treated rug, mat etc in the required position and tread down all over.
  8. Approximate coverage: 8sqm.

Mats which are made from hessian backed carpet may require a further application.

For your safety
KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of accident, wash eyes and skin with clean cold water. If irritation persists seek medical advice.

Instruction text courtesy of Cybergold UK