Carpets in Cheltenham

Startwist, a truly superb value carpet

This is not just sales talk - Startwist truly deserves this accolade. Read why below and you'll be getting your cheque book out!

Like all carpet shops, we have reps calling from all our suppliers. When the conversation turns to "what's selling presently?" one name always comes up - Startwist by Lano. This carpet never gets anything but admiration and compliments from professional people in the trade.

As of typing this page, I can honestly say one of the last carpets I bought myself was Startwist - and I tell customers this when showing them the samples. There is simply not a better carpet for the price.

Startwist has several top selling points

Firstly, I always get people to feel the quality - it is comparitively as pleasant as wool and does not feel "man made". Available in two weights, standard and supreme, it has a sumptuous feel - especially the "supreme".

Secondly, the colour bank has been well researched by Lano and there is nearly always a shade that customers like - the images to the right show about half the colours. They are all neutral and encompass the beiges, greys and browns - except for one earthy shade of red. We have two rack displays just inside the shop door - wool in one, Startwist in the other - you can't tell the colours apart (pop in and look for yourself).

(Display has just been updated with the new colours including a very fashionable black).

Thirdly, the construction of the carpet is made from two-ply (or two-fold) yarn. This technique was originally found in more expensive carpets and is genuinely a factor that gives a harder wearing cloth. Two ply yarns resist flattening much better than comparitive single ply carpets. Most carpets carry a heavy domestic rating - Startwist truly is.

Fourthly, Startwist is made from polypropylene - this material is so resistant to staining it has to be dyed before it sets. It is even bleach resistant. The one draw back with polypropylene is it can flatten - Startwist's two-ply construction is a superb counter balance to this.

Fifthly, the price is fantastic for a heavy domestic carpet of this calibre. Drop down a pound or two in price and you're going to be looking at considerably less quality very quickly! By this I mean you're going to be entering disappointing territory for feel. Startwist would be good enough for most people to live on themselves (I bought it!)

Just one drawback! (They've fixed it now!)

Startwist now comes in both 4 and 5 metre widths. There is also an alternative carpet called Inspiration which is also available in 4 and 5 metre widths (only comes in supreme quality though).

Now the only fault I could truly find in it is its vulnerability to exchange rates which can affect the price. Saying this, we currently offer it at a price that remains competitive.

A carpet for hard times

You won't find a better carpet if you are on a tight budget and you have a housefull to do. We regularly sell Startwist to letting agents looking for quality at the right price. Take a close look at Startwist before you commit to wool if it's a struggle to afford.

Startwist Standard - £14.60m2
Startwist Supreme - £16.60m2